Medicinski proizvodi.

Medical devices


Wholesale distribution of medical devices (all classes):

  • ELISA diagnostics

  • RIA/IRMA diagnostics

  • ELISA and RIA/IRMA analyzers

  • Ir-192 and Co-60 Brachytherapy

  • I-125 Brachytherapy implants

  • Ru-106 Ophthalmological applicators Ru-106

  • Dose calibrators

  • Thyroid uptake

  • SPECT cameras

  • PET and SPECT Q.C. phantoms

  • Gama probes – wired and wireless

  • Ventilation scintigraphy

  • Radiopharmaceuticals injectors and syringe dispensing systems

  • X-ray therapy

  • Medical software

  • Open and sealed radioactive calibration sources

  • Microbiological culture media, supplements, reagents, antimicrobial susceptibility discs, sampling and analysis disposables

  • Reagents and accessories for contact allergies testing

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