Personal protective equipment

Protective equipment


Safe work requires a wide variety of products that protect people from chemical and biological agents, as well as protection of work materials from contamination. Personal protection comes first, especially when the work is done under critical or controlled conditions, in clean rooms or sterile rooms.

Personal protective equipment for the laboratory:

  • Gloves (nitrile & latex) | Lab Coat | Masks | Eye wear (Safety glasses) | Earmuffs | Wipers

Personal protective equipment for sterile & cleanrooms:

  • Gloves (nitrile & latex, sterile & non-sterile) | Apparel | Shoe covers | Masks | Wipers

Personal protective equipment for working with ionizing radiation sources:

  • Gloves (nitrile, latex, sterile and non - sterile, attenuating) | Protective aprons and clothing | Safety goggles | Mobile and stationary barriers

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